Striped French Terry Sweater | Burda 6296 Review

Friday, September 18, 2020

Fall officially starts in less than three days, which means that it's sweater season! And so what better time to post the review of this cute striped sweater than right now.

Since quarantine started I've been wanting to make more of my own clothes and one of the things in my repertoire has been to make a simple sweatshirt. Something that would be easy to make and that would be ideal for cooler temperatures and would be cute for fall.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies | Easy + Delicious

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Delicious and Easy Banana Oatmeal cookie recipe

Today I'll be sharing with you a cookie recipe that I'm obsessed with, banana oatmeal cookies. 

They are absolutely delicious and oh so easy to make that they are perfect if you're in a hurry! The bananas give a flavorful twist to the classic oatmeal cookie.

What I've Been Up to In Quarantine | Sewing, Gardening and More

Saturday, August 29, 2020

It has been almost six months. 

Six months since my world was turned upside down, I say "mine" because for some of you quarantine started in January or February, and for others, it wasn't until April or later.

These past six months have been eventful (good and bad), filled with anxiety, confusion, and stress. 

As of mid-August, my province is mostly opened up, everything is slowly going back to "normal" and I'll be starting school once again in a couple of weeks (online) so life is feeling semi-normal again.

But before I started school again, I wanted to share a post of what I had done during this quarantine period, like a journal of sorts.

During this period of #stayhome, I did more than I've done (craft-wise) in the last three years and so I thought to share what I did during quarantine (mid-March to early July). From gardening to sewing to procrastination and more!

Sewing My Birthday Skirt & Going to a Lavender Field

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sewing A Birthday Skirt | visiting a lavender field by Plaid and Sugar blog

Happy August to all!  July has come and gone and now I'm a year older. 

Last month I decided to sew myself a birthday dress to commemorate my 21st birthday over a week ago and let me tell you, there was such a big hiccup that it ended up becoming a skirt! 

And since last week I finally had the opportunity to go to a lavender field (so so beautiful and calm) I had had the "photoshoot" for the skirt there.  

Although the dress did not go as planned I love the skirt. It's one of my favorite colors and I learned how to use a hemming sewing foot that made my life so much easier!

How I Refurbished an Old Rocking Chair | Quarantine DIY

Monday, July 20, 2020

Easy Tutorial on how to refurbish old furniture

Sometimes an old, ugly item can be made new with some TLC, elbow grease, and lots of determination. 

In today's post, I will be sharing my process on how I turned an old, dilapidated rocking chair found on the street to a cute, modern, and brand new looking piece of furniture perfect for the front porch! It is also a short tutorial for those of you interested in refurbishing old furniture.

No Churn Cookie Dough Ice Cream | Guest Recipe by A Spoonful of Vanilla

Sunday, July 5, 2020

No churn Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Happy July everyone!

The weather has reached its hottest peak in the last couple of days (a whole week of 35℃ weather) and you know what warm temperatures mean: ice cream! Fun fact about me: I LOVE ice cream, can't get enough of it, even if it's -20℃ I'll be eating it. When it's on sale I'll buy multiple containers so I never go without, but unfortunately, I've never fulfilled my goal of making my own ice cream.

So it was a perfect coincidence that Sarah of A Spoonful of Vanilla, a mouthwatering food blog, will be guest posting today and sharing a delicious no-churn cookie dough ice cream recipe!

Canada Day Floral Wreath | DIY

Friday, June 26, 2020

Happy summer everyone! For the last couple of days, it's been 35°C all the time, but thankfully it rained yesterday so that really helped us cool down and feel more alive.

Since going outside was unbearable, one of the things I did was be crafty (I know so hard!) and since Canada Day is a week from now, I thought why not do a Canada Day craft? As it was simple enough make why not make a tutorial of it.

And here it is, a simple and beautiful Canada Day Floral Wreath.
Plaid and Sugar