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Sunday, December 31, 2017
Hi guys
How was your Christmas? Since it was our first Christmas in a new province, it was quite different. On Christmas eve we went to a friends house and were there til 3am! I was so tired at that point that it took everything just to keep my eyes open and not fall asleep.
So on Christmas day we didn't get up and open our gifts til 12pm. Although this year was different, we still have the family together, unlike last year where my dad was away.
Like I promised in this post, I will now post what I made for my family this Christmas. Like I said before for my dad I made a small tote for his Bible. He was happy about that.

For my mom, I ended up making a small crossbody bag, with I pattern I designed by myself. It was confusing and hard but it was worth it when I saw my mother's smile. For her, I also knit her a headband for the cold. And the little blue wallet showed next to a bowl of cookies.
For my brother I knitted him a simple scarf, well not that simple for the scarf would not lay flat, it still rolls up. *sigh*
Turns out that I was the big gift giver this year for I gave the most things to other compared to most years. It wasn't a big trouble considering I had the time and material. There were moments of frustration and near tears but it was a well worth it just to see their smiles on their faces.
I will update as I am able to take pics of the projects.

*Brother's blue scarf not shown, nor the mail project, nor mom's headband.
*The flower/gray bag was the one I made for my dear mom.
Was there anything special you got this year? Did you hand make a gift? 
See you all in 2018!!
Feliz Año Nuevo

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