Style 1154 Maxi Dress| Pattern Review (old one)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
I rewrote this post back last year but since it didn't get many views and looking back it wasn't well written nor the pictures great I decided to update it and repost it.

The new one that's well written with better pictures is here.

This is the old one!

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So last week the weather was crazy. One day it's high temperatures and the snow is melting the next there is an ice-rain storm. Because of that ice-rain, the roads were undrivable and dangerous and classes were cancelled (yay!). I decided not to waste a perfectly good day, and so I finally decide on what dress to make and which fabric.
The pattern I chose is a Style from 1975 that I do not remember where I got it from (a garage sale, thrift store?).
I really enjoyed sewing it and there were some things I would do differently next time.
Between the fabric and the style of the dress, it is definitely a summer garment. If it were to be done with a fancy type of fabric like satin, silk jersey or even lurex metallic jersey it could be used for semi-formal occasions.
Since I have had some not so good experiences with patterns being too big, I checked and double checked my measurements. I measured around the bust of the pattern and it was 3 inches bigger than my chest but I let it be since it was gathered. Wow. When I tried it on it looked like it was meant for a bigger chested lady. I let it be and maybe I will be able to work it! *shrug*
I loved how the chest pieces were made so there would not be any seams on the inside.

Pattern: I used Style 1154 form 1975
Cost: I actually do not know where I got this from, but I know that I did not pay more than 50c During it's coming out it was sold for $1.50! Nowadays that's unimaginable. The fabric like I said down below was pretty cheap.
Fabric Used: I choose a cotton challis fabric with a paisley pattern and a blush-pink cotton weave fabric. Bought the 1.5 meters of 54-inch width for $2 at a garage sale. The pink for about a $1 at my local Goodwill for 2 meters of fabric. The pattern called for 4.5 meters, which I did not have, and worked with what I had ↓.
Alterations: The pattern is to make a maxi dress to the floor (actually, I measured it and it's about 12 inches longer than I am 😩). I made it a bit below knee length since it was what the fabric allowed. Instead of one fabric, I used 2 colour coordinating fabrics.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, I would definitely sew it again, though I would double check the gathers to make sure they match. Yes, I would recommend the patterns to others.

Overall it was an afternoon project and will probably do it again. I will update with the finished (ie hem) project. What do you think? Should I do more posts like this?


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  1. Lovely, I wish I could find some patterns like that. Keep up the good work :)


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