My Sewing Resolutions for 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Quebec, Canada

Happy New Year to all!

It's 2018, can you believe it? How was your New Year's celebration?
We spent new years eve with family and friends, had a great time and ate lots of food. Right now I am on break from school for a whole week (yes!) So my plans for this week is for me to plan ahead on errands and things to be done (I will try). Which includes my new year's resolutions.
For 2018 I do not have a fully definitive sewing plan. Most of the time I am mostly 'go with the flow' when it comes to sewing, or when I have that sudden craving to make something by hand. Which to be honest sometimes it doesn't end well.
But this year will be the year where I will have a plan and will do it.

Some of the patterns I wish to make:

These are some of the patterns I have been eyeing and hope to make this year. Even though I have a good set of patterns at home. 

  • Pauline Alice €
    • Quart Coat (Cute, classy and looks warm)
    • Malvarosa Dress (has pockets hidden in the gathered skirt!)
  • Deer and Doe €
    • Cardomome Dress (sleeveless option)
    • Bruyere Shirt
  • Butterick
    • B6497- Jacket/Coats with Asymmetrical Front and Collar Variations 
    • B6486- Loose-Fitting, Gathered Waist Pullover Tops with Bell Sleeves
  • McCall's
    • M7688-Misses' Knit Tops with sleeve variations
    • M7654-Mix-and-Match dresses with Cold-Shoulder Sleeve, and Skirt Variations
  • Craftsy
There are obviously more patterns but these ones are some that stood out. I will try to update as the year goes if I finish pattern or it doesn't appeal to me anymore.
For most of the patterns  I shared, I already have both the time and fabric to do, the only problem is choosing which one to sew first!

Other sewing plans

Pattern Drafting

One of my main plans this year is to learn how to draft patterns, specifically to my size. As of late, I haven't had much luck when it comes to drafting patterns, there are so many measurement and numbers that it gets somewhat confusing. I wish to make most of my clothes, with styles I like, with fabric that I think is pretty. I have the fabric so that would not be a problem to get. Also be able to make clothes for my parents, specifically my mom since she has a hard time finding clothes she likes for a good price.

Selling what I Make

I also hope to be able to open my etsy shop and start selling what I make. More of a side hustle, I have the time and it would be a great experince. One of the fears I have is the postage/mailing of the item, but I'll hopefully figure that out. My overall goal is to make some extra money for university textbooks for the next school year.

And that is all of my sewing plans, I think over the year I will update with not how its going but if changes need to be made. What are your (sewing) plans for this year? Do you have any patterns you love and would like to share?
See you next time. Arrivederci!

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