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Sunday, February 11, 2018
Sorry, I have been out of touch for the past few weeks, life has been busy! Between the snow, school and everything else thing shave been hectic. But now things are slow.
A few weeks ago I wanted to make a little wallet but I got confused and got the measurements wrong and so I was left with some big scarp pieces. Instead of throwing it out I decide to play around and see what I could come up with. And so I did. I got a pincushion somehow. It is cute and easy-ish and I thought I would share it with you.

*I will update with more pictures
The pincushion has a pocket where one end goes in and little things like chalk can be kept in, on top where the piece is folded, depending on how much fabric stuffing is added, can be big enough to put through a pair of scissors as in the picture or can be hanged with a length of yarn? It is stuffed with super small fabric pieces I got from former projects. I guess it's a 'green' project?
Either way, let's get started.

Pincushion Tutorial

Material Needed:

  • Scrap Fabric cut into:
    • 8⅜ x 3⅜inches (2) Outside and Inside (won't be seen) pieces
    • 4 ⅜ x 3⅜ inches (1) 'pocket'
  • Interfacing:
    • 8 x3 inches (1)
  • Thread (matching or contrasting)
  • Pins 
  • Small useless scrap fabric, I cut it into small strips.


  1. Cut all of the fabric pieces including the interfacing and pocket.
    • I actually cut the main pieces in two different fabrics. Since the back will not be seen it is great for different scrap fabrics.
  2. Take the pocket piece and to the top fold about 1/4 inch and top stitch. Then pin the pocket piece bad side to the good side of the outside piece. 
    • I did a basting stitch near the edge to hold it together so when sewing it won't fall.
  3. Pin both big pieces good sides together. Sew with a 3/8 inch seam allowance all around but leave a ~1/2 inch opening on the side to turn it inside out.
    • The opening should be on the other end where the pocket is not.
  4. Trim the seam allowances and corners. Turn inside out, press. 
  5. Start stuffing! Take the stuffing and stuff it to about halfway, towards where the pocket is.
    • The stuffing depends on how much space you want on top.
  6. Whip stitch the opening closed. Fold the cushion in half and stuff one the pocketless end into the pocket. Adjust as needed for desired top space. 
    • I left enough space so I could put my (closed, duh!) scissors through. So I can carry both with me when needed, and save some space.
  7. If desired, whip-stitch the sides together so the end does not come out of the pocket. Press.
 And You are done! Now you can add all of your pins that do not fit in your other pincushions (I know that happens to me). These are great small projects and gift ideas for any beginner sewer.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you make any adjustments? 

I certainly will be trying new adjustments to make it easier and better.
I hope you enjoyed this and wasn't too confusing. Til next time

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