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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Bonjour, Hi!
Last week in Brownies we did a special Quebec focused challenge: The Maple Syrup Challenge. The challenge is focused on learning how maple syrup comes from, the process and everything maple.

We had a fun time we tried maple syrup and apple slices, learned who were the first people to find the sap and over all the girls enjoyed the meeting.
The challenge consists of two options A or B. We chose A but did touch on option B. We chose five challenges that were not overly complicated but still thought-provoking. I didn't realize until the end that I should've taken pictures *sigh*

Maple Syrup Challenge

After the opening song, we got in a circle and spoke about maple syrup, and how we have encountered it before. We then did the option which was fairly easy and got the girls ready for the rest of the meeting. We alternated eating/game with the speaking/learning portion, so not to bore the girls.

Option A. Maple Syrup Around the World.
Research the top producers of maple syrup. How much maple syrup does Canada produce? Top Producers in the World -
Test the girls to see if they know where else in the world you can find maple syrup.

Challenges (Brownies must do 5)
4. How does maple syrup affect you?
Before researching, how do you think maple syrup impacts your health?,
• For this one we gathered around in a circle and spoke on how maple syrup affects the body, though it is good it is better with moderation

6. Maple arts & Crafts
Try something new by making art inspired by maple syrup. Leaf rubbing:
• Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to do this one. We were going to get leaves then place paper over it and colour over it.

7.Winter Treats
​Indulge in one of Canada’s finest treats: maple taffy. Here’s the recipe:  (pg. 5)
• One of the leaders warmed up the maple syrup and since the center is near a forest/park there was an area to get fresh snow. It was great since the day before it had snowed, the girls enjoyed this segment, and after eating it were fairly jumping with energy.

8. Active Games
It’s time for a relay race. Divide the girls into teams. They hopped twice and skipped 3 times across the room to a jar of maple butter. Next, to the maple butter is apple slice.The girls then have to spread the maple butter on the apple slice and, once completed, they walk back to their group, eat the apple, and tag the next girl in line.
• This was an enjoyable game and since I've never had maple butter before it was delicious.

9. Maple Trees
How many kinds of maple trees are there? Which type(s) can produce maple syrup? Research a maple species and present it to your group. Include facts like location, colour, and other uses (besides maple syrup). , ,
• Again the girls were in a circle and a type of maple tree was chosen (Norwegian maple) and gave some facts, the girls asked some questions and we learned about another type of maple tree. After this we drank sap, some girls liked it some thought it tasted gross, overall most girls enjoyed it.

10. How its Made.
How is maple syrup made? What is the process?
• A simple lesson on how the maple syrup is made from sap. This was followed up with maple sugar candy.

11. Act it Out
After learning all about the production of maple syrup, have the girls act it
out by making a skit. Encourage them to be as creative as possible.
• This was cute and some were very creative. The girls were split into 4, 4-person group and were given 5-8 minutes to come up with something. After this, we tried maple syrup and crackers.

At the end of the meeting we asked what the girls learned and if the enjoyed themselves (the did) and we closed the night. I hope this helped other fellow leaders in the QC region trying the Maple Syrup Challenge.
A bientot!

Stock photo used for background by Lukas from Pexels

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