April is Here! Planning + Thinking

Monday, April 2, 2018
Quebec, Canada
April's here!
You know what that means, April showers bring May flowers.  Though there is still snow here in QC it is slowly melting the birds are coming back and *sigh* spring has arrived!

Can you believe that summer is two short months away?! Like it's said in French, le temps file (time flies). Easter is now over is past. Currently, I have now finished my beginner french courses at school and it feels like I started last week. Wow. Mais, maintenance je parle plus de français qu'avant!

Now that the snow is melting I have been going out (in nature) more often, since it's getting warmer,  and I have been able to see and appreciate the beauty of nature in QC.  Last week I even went to a Cabana à Sucre! It was a new and fun experience, totally recommend it. So what are your plans for this spring? Getting your summer body ready? I am, lol!

This spring I hope to be able to post more often on sewing now that serger is up and working, and I have the time. My goal this April is to sew at least 2 patterns that are in my pattern stash.
 ❧ A dress for summer
 ❧ A shirt for casual wear. I do not have a lot of shirts to just wear with my jeans.
I also have a maxi dress that is ridiculously long for this short girl. So I hope to be able to fix it/ shorten it before maxi dress season comes around. I will update it later with pictures as soon as I decide which patterns to sew.
I told my mom to push me to sew, though I don't often need a reason to sew.
Charlotte Russe, I made for my mom's bday

I also hope to be able to bake more and exercise. ♬Lose weight + fat then eat a cake and get it back. ♪

What are your plans for April? Anything special going on, planning for summer?
À la prochain!

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