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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hi, Hi!

I wrote a post about the product box I received from Sample Source. I was given the products, tried it and wrote a review on them.  It was fun and my family enjoyed it.

If you are wondering why it's on a different blog is because I prefer to separate my baking and sewing from my fashion and reviewing.

Here is a little sneak peak ...

Last year I joined a website where a couple of times a year I answer some surveys and from those surveys, I can be eligible to receive samples in the mail to try.

        Last month I received a package from Sample Source and got 6 samples and a coupon.
        I have never gotten so much from them and I was very thrilled at that. Free things? Don't have to ask me twice.
        In this post, I will tell what was good, bad or otherwise. These were small samples so just enough to try and get an idea of the product.

        *Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog are solely my own. I was given these products for an honest review and were not influenced by the company in any way, shape or form.*

        Products I received:

        V8 +ENERGY drink raspberry flavored, 243mL

        One of the things I love about V8 is that it always has fruits and vegetables, and this product doesn't disappoint on that part. I am not a big fan of energy drinks because they usually contain many harmful ingredients. But in this case, the ingredients are all mostly natural and it tasted like sparkling juice product. 
        Fizzy and sweet without being overpowering. I did love this product even if I don't often drink nor buy energy drinks. It tasted great and it did give me +ENERGY, would buy it if I were to need it.

        Batiste, dry shampoo, 50ml

        I have always seen this at stores online but never have I tried it. I have a curly unhelpful hair that 2 days after washing it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a month. I was wary of putting something new in my hair but the idea of it helping my 3-day curls look great I tried it. 
To read more of the review go to this link and it will lead you there. I really hope you enjoy it and while you're at it could you please comment on the post. Thanks

Til next time 

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