Summer Holidays 2018 | Week 1

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Nature Center, 901 Avenue du Parc, Laval, QC H7E 2T7, Canada
I feel like for the summer I should do a weekly review of what I did (what I didn't do) besides my blog posts. Like a diary of sorts, I just hope to do this in a way to help me to do more this summer. My plans are to sew something, bake, and read a book each week this summer.
I hope you enjoy :)

So last week it was Canada day and like I said in my last post I spent it all by myself. 

Turns out here in QC all rent leases are over at the end of June, meaning that moving day is July 1st. I was shocked by this, for as a Canadian that felt somewhat like a slap in the face. Anyway, that Sunday I woke up got ready to go to church when I come down to realize that everyone is dressed to go to work, not to church. 

Turns out that friends of my parents were moving and they had not told me about it (maybe they did, but I forgot) and since they were short on time I couldn't change and was left behind. It was also one of the hottest days, it was about 38℃ with lots of humidity. 

All alone with a cake, I had made (which I forgot to take a finished picture). It was a long day, but the friends finally moved to a bigger place and my parents helped them move and be there for them.

On Monday since we didn't do anything for Canada day, we went to a park that we've never gone before. 

It was beautiful. 

There were two man-made lakes and flower fields. I was surprised to see that there were animals including rabbits, peacocks, cows goats and more. It is a really family-friendly park with lots of activities for everyone. (Ignore my dad's arm in the picture) But how gorgeous was that lake, I felt like jumping in to swim with the fishies.

Later in the week I just studied and blogged while trying to ignore the extreme heat. I also reviewed some products that I got for free thanks to BzzAgent. You can read my honest review posted on my other blog right here.  And if you have followed me on Instagram, you'll see that I have posted more pics and videos there. I did enjoy the products and hope I'll be sent more to review.

I also worked on making myself a jumpsuit/dungarees. I was going to use a pattern I had, but as I read some reviews I learned that the pattern wasted a lot of fabric and still didn't fit well. Therefore I decided to self-draft the pattern. *sigh* Oh boy, was that hard. The top part was ok, but the pant part was hard as I had to trace a pair of my pants to make the pattern.

Was that hard! After that, all was a breeze. I'll do an official post on it later. But here is the finished garment, though yet washed, and picture perfect. Ignore my feet.

 But besides that, I didn't do much, mostly because of the heat. I do hope to do more this summer and that I just won't waste it away. And since I start uni this fall, I know that I won't have much time later on, so I'll do it now.

What are your plans for this summer? How was the heat wave in your area? Did you keep cool? That's all for week one. And I hope I'll keep this up all summer!

Hasta la vista!


  1. Happy Canada Day! I didn't learn about Moving Day in QC until only a few years ago - but I'm out in BC, haha. I found it very odd that July 1st is just a province-wide moving day. I spent Canada Day this year in Victoria, BC and it was rainy, cloudy and then blue skies! I'd love to experience some 38 degrees weather right now after having rain and winds for the past several weeks!

    1. Rain and wind?! How disappointing for summer. After two days in 38degree weather with extreme humidity, I think most would wish it were raining! Now it's about 28-30degrees so it's much more bearable.


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