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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Sorry for the long break! Unlike July when I had time to write and sew more, lately I've been busy writing exams and preparing for university... and *sigh* there is just sooo much to do!
But I was able to make time to write a post I've been wanting to write for a while. So here we go!
Don't you love Pinterest? I sure do! When I'm feeling stuck and have no idea on what to sew or knit, I just search and find so many ideas.
Through Pinterest, I have also found some great sewing blogs to follow. Lately, I have been stuck on what to sew and so I (like always) browsed through Pinterest to see what the trends are, what would look good on me and what new skills I can acquire.
These are 5 of the things I've found and I'm interested in sewing!
DIY cami top with tie sleeves in cute linen lemon pattern. Perfect little piece to wear on a picnic date or girls lunch. Follow the steps in this tutorial by The Essentials Club to make it yourself.
I saw this and loved the lemon fabric! This would be a very easy make and it's so cute. This tutorial is from The Essentials Club and the author has some good tutorials. I love how clear and minimalistic her blog is.
Sew your way to 80s vibes with Lysa Flower's patchwork cassette purses.
As soon as I saw this I thought of my 80s outfit that I made last week! This would make such a perfect gift to both a child and their parent. Unfortunately, it's only available in the Molly Makes magazine which I can't buy here in Canada *sigh* In the mag they also have a pattern to make a toucan key chain.
Pleated Fit and Flare Dress women fashion sewing tutorial
Through Pinterest, I found one of my favorite sewist Merricks Art. I love how creative she is and she also makes some great very detailed tutorials. This tutorial I have been eyeing for a while as it'd be perfect for church or a semi-formal event.
I saw this and I couldn't believe that that jacket had become an overall dress. How! This would be really cool for all of those old/ill-fitting jackets around that you don't want to throw away. I love her tutorials since she makes YouTube videos so I can sew along with her.
V9299 | Vogue Patterns | Sewing Patterns
How cute is this dress!! The sleeves, the belt *sigh* I need this in my closet even if I never wear it. I am honestly not a big fan of the frilly/big sleeves (they're everywhere!) but here they look cute and chic. This is Vogue 9299 and oh so cute!
This bag was a big inspiration and part of why I decided to make my Convertible Backpack. The Blue Calla bag turns from backpack to tote and has a very interesting design. I like how there are various pictures on the finished project so you can see how it`ll look like and color combos.

So these are some of my sewing inspiration for the last couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm glad about sharing this with you. Have you heard of any of these sewing bloggers before? I know that once I find a blogger I like will look at all their tutorials and follow them everywhere!

What are some of your inspo? Do you like browsing through Pinterest? If not, how do you find new sewing blogs? Comment down below.

Have a great week
Loren (Cami)

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