Summer Holidays | Week 3 + 4

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
So, you probably noticed that I didn't do a weekly summary for week 3. The reason why is that I didn't do anything exciting or out of the ordinary. I actually spent 3/4 week inside. But there were some things that happened worth mentioning.
The last weekend in July I went to Toronto for a conference and afterward went down to Niagara Falls. It was gorgeous and I will write a post on it soon. Unfortunately, there was one casualty... my water bottle, I put it down then promptly forgot about it. Therefore I lost it *sigh*

Last week it was my 19th birthday!
That Monday was very hot. humid day. My parents got the cake from Adonis and it tasted like heaven. Their cakes are worth trying, but that day I also bought a cheese from them and when I had eaten 1/3 of it I started feeling queasy and nauseous.
I then saw that the expiry date was from a month prior! So I contacted them, spoke to one of the people about what had happened I was transferred to the manager and they hunged up on me. I called again and when I spoke with the manager this him, almost implied that I was lying and should I get sick, oh well, not their problem! So that did put a damper on my B-day. And I never got an answer.

I did do some sewing but...
I tried sewing a top but *sigh* forgot to take pictures of the process. It is a peplum top with a holey back (?), it also was my first time sewing with linen (which I brought at a Renaissance, see the post). I used a top that I had and copied it. This is the only picture I took:
 A couple of days later, my mom and I went to Fabricville and found these gorgeous tartans. For those who do not know I LOVE tartans, I've been obsessed with them since I was 15 and can't get enough of them. I have dresses, shirts in the pattern and about 4-6 tartan fabrics (cotton and wool).
 Tartans also subtly signify fall, which seems unfair since it still is the middle of summer (it might be extremely hot, but still)
I also found this cute dress patterns from Butterick. Loved the gathered skirt, and flowy sleeves.

In September I start Uni and so I needed to go to the university to do some paperwork. I went, did my thing and afterward on the way home decided to stop by the BaNQ (a library) and I was awestruck. There are 5 floors filled with books, movies, resources in all languages and it's huge! I posted some pics on Instagram and here is the one.↓ That's only a bit of all of the shelves, books, and people! I did borrow some books and will definitely be back, as the designer and sewing books collection is huge!

If you read my last post, P&G Product Review, you now know that I like to do product reviews and have a review blog. Last week I received some Nestcafe Sweet & Creamy instant coffee mixes. They came in a cute package and I received 3 different mixes: Original, French Vanilla and Mocha. They're perfect for when only one cup of coffee is needed.
I tried the french vanilla first and instead of water, I used milk, which then turned it into cafe con leche. There was enough for two cups, one for me and for mom. It was sweet, creamy and delicious. I think it was much better than the Tim Hortons one. I will try the rest and then write a post on my other blog on it.
How were the last 2 weeks of July? Any traveling done this summer? Have you been to Niagara Falls before? what did you think of it?
That was all that happened these past two weeks.  Hopefully, the Niagara falls blog post will be up soon. But if you can't wait that long go to my Instagram where I have posted some pictures (and a video).

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Cami (Loren)


  1. Niagara Falls looks incredible, so beutiful! And that cake is also making me crave cake now

    Beth x |

    1. The falls were awestrucking.
      That cake was delicious, should you ever have the opportunity try it.


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