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Monday, August 13, 2018
As you can probably guess from the title that the post is going to be about patterns (and fabric)  from the 1980s. But before I get to that let's go a bit back to last (last )week.

Like I said in my prior post, last week I had the opportunity to go to Niagara Falls. On my way back home we stopped at a thrift store in Brockville, ON. As I had been to that thrift store before and found some great (I mean great) fabrics and pattern, I entered the store looking specifically for sewing items. And what I found surprised me. There was a small ironing board on sale for $5 and lots of fabrics!
I bought the prettiest (obviously) and lengthier ones, as I didn't want to buy something I wasn't going to use.

There were 2.5meters of this colourful flowery fabric from Zellers! ZELLERS! Not only was it from a store that was part of my childhood, but the fabric was from 1986!
Can you imagine $3.99/meter?!
  • For those who do not know Zellers was an iconic Canadian department store that was sold off to Target and then all the stores were closed down in 2013. Target came into Canada to replace it but after 2 years it filed bankruptcy and left Canada. So we ended up with... nothing.
The other fabric is also about 2.5 meters and one side is shiny. I'm thinking it might be taffeta as it's shiny and stiff, which could work because the 80s was about taffeta!
I also found a pattern from 1985 for a paper bag overall which was free (nice!). When I asked how much they were, I was told the fabrics were $1.50 each! So I got about 5 meters of fabric ($3), a free pattern and a (much-needed) ironing board ($5) and a sewing box ($5), filled with items, all for $13. The box/caddy came with thread. pins, scissors and more.
After I arrived home from my trip, I started wondering what I should sew. After thinking about it and getting opinions (some from Instagram) I decided to make the paper bag overalls. And since I had a shirt pattern that I've been wanting to sew (also from 1986) I decided to use sew it so it'd go along with the spontaneous 1980s theme.

The gnarly 1980s!

This is my pattern reviews for the patterns pictured below and my process (or somewhat).

Simplicity 7388

Cost: I got the pattern for free!
Fabric used: The material was a poly cotton print and it was very easy to work with, as it is stiff enough to hold shape. Since I used about half (or less) of the fabric the overall I used about 75c of fabric!
Alterations: For the width of the pants I took it in 1/2 inch on each pattern piece so it came out about 4 inches smaller at the waist. I also shortened the crotch length, which was a bit of a mistake since I just took my measurements and didn't add an ease allowance and so the pants are a bit tight (in some not so great places).
Would I sew again? Recommend it?: Yes, I would definitely sew it again. It was a very easy sew and would recommend it to beginner sewists. It took me a day to sew (which is a miracle to me since I take forever) and me being me I ran into a couple of mistakes, so about 4hours of sewing it together. 

 Very Easy Very Vogue 8253

Cost: I think I got this pattern in a box full of patterns for $5 dollars (?) long, long ago. So it was about 25c (can't remember).
Fabric used: I used a polyester like fabric (taffeta, I still think), it is stiff and holds it shape which is good and bad as creases last longer. I used half of the fabric I bought, therefore, 75c worth of fabric.
Alterations: I didn't do any alterations, but I did not use the neck facing as I thought it'd be too bulky. Oh, and I shortened it since it fell to the midthigh.
Would I sew again? Recommend?: Like, duh! (80s slang) It was a very easy sew and I loved how it turned out. It is a very easy pattern as there are only 2 pattern pieces. It took about less than 2 hours to sew and the fabric did cooperate very well.


I loved this outfit! It's so colourful, bright and fun. I also can't believe the fabric and the patterns are all from the 80s (coincidence? I think not). I feel like I should play a game of tennis or be in a classic teen movie from the 80s like Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles or Back to the Future.
Maybe I should later have an 80s photo shoot or party, whatcha think?
I would definitely try this again with different colour combos. 

I guess since I sewed 2 items it counts for 2 weeks of the Summer Sewing 2018 challenge. This is also my second pair of overalls that I've made, remember the ones I made from scratch? So far I've also sewed a backpack/messenger bag, a top, and the dungarees, five items so far. 

What do you think? Is it rad or not that tubular? What could I sew next?  If you're Canadian do you remember Zellers? Any fond memories to share? Please leave your thoughts, comments, and concerns in the comments below.
Hasta la vista 
Loren (Cami)


  1. Omg I love this outfit so much! The colours and patterns are gorgeous, I'm a huge fan of the 80s x


    1. Thanks! Once I saw the patterns I knew what fabrics to use. The 80s were big in colour and so I love how the colours match.

  2. This looks amazing! So retro, but also kind of modern! I love the colours and especially the gorgeous pattern on the overalls. Maybe you should try creating clothes from other decades too? A sixties mini skirt perhaps? Or some seventies flares?!

    Leah | www.mybellyful.co.uk

    1. Thanks, Leah. I hadn't thought about doing other decades, but now I'm thinking it'd be a great idea! Thanks for the idea!


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