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Saturday, September 15, 2018
Fall is coming soon event thought it still feels like summer. The leaves are still green, the weather is warm (30℃) and everyone is still wearing their summer clothes.
But even though the leaves aren't red or yellow yet it doesn't mean I can't plan my fall sewing. Right? 
I've actually been planning my fall wardrobe since the week before I started school. But unfortunately, the school has been harder than I thought and so I haven't had the time to sit down and sew. Honestly, I've never been so stressed in my entire life (well there was that time...) 😐. Do you have any advice for a first-year university student? Please comment down below (please!).

Recently I started seeing that the colour mustard yellow is everywhere. I think it's a great shade of yellow (looks like leaves anyone?) and it's the perfect fall colour.
I really wish I could get my hands on that type of fabric but unfortunately, my finances are not great right now *sigh*. Do you agree that once you buy fabric you want more? 

Anyway, these are my tentative plans for fall. Most of them seem pretty easy to do, but then again things happen and may take longer than supposed to. By fall I mean until December because once December arrives it's practically winter (and Christmas).

(Tentative) Fall sewing plans.

Midi Skirt 

I would like to make a pleated circle skirt. I think they're great fall garments (year-long really) and they go with most tops and sweaters. Pair them up with leggings a scarf and some ankle boots and it'd be the perfect fall outfit. 
I'd like to make it with tartan/wool fabric to give it a more fall/winter feel. With pockets of course! Hopefully, it won't be too hard or complicated in the pleats.

Kimono Jacket 

I was browsing through Pinterest when I found the easiest tutorial on how to make a Kimono Jacket. There are only two pattern pieces, which I guess could make it so much easier. Since it's a fall jacket it would need to be made with a thick wool-type fabric with lining. With a sweater/hoodie underneath this would look so cute. Thanks to Rags To Couture for the tutorial. The only big problem I would have would be the thick lining for winter, but I think I'll just let it be a cardigan of sorts. So that it can be worn in fall, winter, and spring with a sweater/hoodie underneath. 

Tartan Scarf

For years I've seen that tartan scarfs have been in fashion for fall. I love them they look so cute, and so fall ready. This would be very easy to sew as it is just a piece of fabric. But I'm thinking of sewing fleece on one side so it will be thicker and warmer for colder temperatures. A scarf can make or break an outfit and hopefully, the scarf will be stylish and warm enough for the autumn season.


I have thought of making another type of skirt too. Just above the knee but not a mini. Between a pencil skirt and a circle skirt. I have a pattern that I bought last summer and it`s kind of what I want so I`ll try it out. What type of fabric you may ask. Tartan! or a nice cotton blend, not too thick but perfect for fall.

That is all that I have planned to make, maybe I'll make more but time will tell. Since I've been so busy at school I've barely had the time to do anything but eat, sleep and do homework. But hopefully, now that I'm getting used to university life I'll have a set schedule.
I also have plans of making some autumn home decor but I have no idea what I should do. If you have any recommended patterns don't hesitate to tell me, please.
What do you think? Should I try making these? Have you tried making any of the above garments before? Last question: do you have any more ideas for fall sewing? I hope you enjoyed this post, and remember if you have questions, comments or concerns to comment down below.
Happy (almost) fall

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