Achievements of 2018 | Year in Review

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Only 5 days till 2019! Can you believe that this year is coming to a close and soon we'll be saying 'bye-bye' to 2018?!
This year has definitely been different. Though I started blogging in 2017, I didn't get serious until this year and many a thing has happened.
After thinking for a while I decided to do a post on all of my achievements in 2018. More as a reminder of all that went right and well this year, instead of focusing on all of the negative. I think it's important that people remember the positives/achievements of the year, for one will never relive the time again.

By the way, Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope you had a great holiday filled with food, family and fellowship. How was your Christmas? did you get your heart's desire?
Now that the year is coming to an end *sigh* I wanted to write this post as a reminder of the good that can happen in a person's life.

My achievements in 2018


This year I wrote over 35 posts. That's an average of 3.5 blog posts per month which I had to admit is not a lot, but is still a substantial number. I do hope to do better in the new year. I would love to write about 5 posts per month but it would take lots of brain power, creativity and, most importantly, time. So I shall see.

The top three most popular posts are all not only from this year but all are sewing based! I know my voice is small on the internet but I'm grateful that my sewing posts are being seen around the world. 

I changed my blog theme from a free Blogspot one to one by The October Studio on Creative Market as it was more to my liking and professional. I'm still trying to get my branding together, but I'm getting there.

About mid-year, I joined a couple of review programs and have received many, many products from various sites. Thankfully thanks to Plaid and Sugar I have been accepted into the programs which have led me to find and review some new products. 

I joined Instagram in late June and wow, what a change it's been. I 'met' new bloggers through the network and some wonderful people. My account is mostly about this blog, sewing and other things like product reviews. 
Likewise, I also joined Twitter and it is such a great place to 'meet' new bloggers, people and an easy way to communicate.

Since I was having a hard time keeping up with my fashion, product review blog alongside Plaid & Sugar, I decided to nix The Cami Way and instead to join both themes/niches together.
    • Which is why my social media handles are @thecamiway. Referring to my middle name and decided to stick with it.


After 6 months of studying French, I finally finished my course in June. It was a bittersweet moment for my intent was not to take French but to be in university but nevertheless, I was a bit upset about saying goodbye to new friends and people from all over the world when I finished.

In September I (finally) started university. As I have written before it was a really hard adjustment and it took a toll on me. But now that I'm done my first semester I feel much more prepared for what my (university) life has for me.

Independence is one thing people face in life and in 2018 I was given independence in the form of my OPUS card. With that card I can take any bus/metro and go anywhere I want to without having to ask for a ride. One of the negatives is that the commute takes forever.

I had the opportunity earlier this year to go to Ottawa, to be more precise the House of Parlament. I had a great time and enjoyed it immensely. It is kind of an achievement of sorts for I was able to go before they closed down for ~8years for renovations.

Though I have sewn less often I feel like I have been able to plan my projects better. This year I wrote some sewing tutorials and some pattern reviews.

This year I turned 19 which is not a big deal but it means that I'm, not a child anymore *sigh*. But I feel like I have more responsibility and independence now that I'm older, good and bad.


Yes, I do have some regrets about what I did (or in some cases didn't do) in 2018. Unfortunately, I didn't get a job this year but with the language barrier and my school schedule, it has been hard to find something.
I also feel like I wasted a lot of time either on social media or just not doing anything useful. But like always, one learns from their mistakes in life, which makes them better adjusted to problems that come to them at a later date should arise at a later date.
But overall I don't have many regrets this year. I'd prefer to focus on the positive of this year.
Now that I look back and remember there were plenty of things that were surprising and that went well. This year was much better in a couple of ways than last year and I hope next year I'll be able to put it to good use. Thank you to all of my readers for without you I wouldn't' have reached this far.

What were your personal achievements this 2018? Any regrets? How was your Christmas?

Since chances are I won't be posting again before the year ends I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that next year is filled with love, family and goodness. 

Til next year,
Loren Camila


  1. Job or not, it sounds like you made a lot of progress this year. Congratulations on your course and well done for your blogging achievements achievements. I'm sure next year will be even better x


    1. Thank you Sophie! I do hope next year is better.
      Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations to a productive 2018! Love the attitude you have of not focusing on the regrets - Life is a series of success and lessons indeed!

    J x

    1. Thanks! and I totally agree with you on that last point, so true!Look forward not behind.

  3. You've have a great productive year and you've accomplished a lot! It's always good to look back at your accomplishments. I look at it as a confidence booster to motivate me to keep going! Great read.

  4. I love that you've looked back at your achievements- it sounds like you've had quite a monumental year especially in terms of education! Happy new year!

    Soph - x

    1. It was quite a roller coaster of a year but many life lessons were learned.
      Happy New Year to you, Soph!

  5. I'm looking forward to watching your blog progress! 2019 is going to be an amazing year!

    Alana Nicole|


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