Let it Glow Vox Box | Influentster Review

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
About a month and a half ago I was accepted into the Let it Glow Vox Box campaign, my first Influenster box ever. This vox box was centred on taking care of yourself and letting yourself *glow* in these dark, cold days.
I tried out all of the given products and afterwards decided to write a review here on what I thought about the products and their results and if I would buy them.
Before I start I just want to say sorry for being AWOL the last couple of weeks.  A new semester started and there was (and is) lots of work and readings that I'm catching up with. Hope you enjoy this post! 

  • For those who do not know Influenster is a site where you can see product reviews and in turn, write some and do 'snaps' which are like questionaries on different sections.  If one fits their criteria one can be accepted into their campaigns, though not everyone will be accepted. Their campaigns do vary some will be on chips, on makeup, skincare or others and they're free!

I joined earlier last year (I think) and I would do some 3-4 reviews a month and nothing would happen but finally got my opportunity to participate in a campaign!
Free stuff? Yes, please!
If you follow me on Instagram (my handle is @thecamiway) then you will remember that I posted some pictures of the products with a small review. On this post, I will elaborate more on the products and what I thought.
The box they came in was really cute, small and reusable which I loved (reduce reuse recycle). I received four items, three of them that were on skin care.

Let it Glow Vox Box Review

*Though I received these products free for review all thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the company or their brands.* 
*I also used affiliate links which means that by no additional cost to you I will get a commission if you click and buy a product*

I actually didn't know what to expect as it was my first box and had no idea how it went about. The first thing I did was to download the app and there it said what I was supposed to do for the mission and where to review them. After I tried them all and did the reviews in their respective pages I received a couple of badges proving that I had finished them all and hopefully that will help me get into other campaigns.

Bioré Self Heating One-Minute Face Masks

This product was, honestly, surprising and fun.
The mask is made of charcoal, so it is perfect for oily skin like mine. This was my first time using a self-heating mask and I have to say I liked it. The package came with four masks that are mud-like texture and once it touches your skin it warms up!
At first, it was really strange (but not uncomfortable) but after a while, it becomes quite soothing and relaxing.
Since I had a couple to spare, I chose to do it with my mom. It was fun, and it was a great mother-daughter bonding time. After we washed it off our faces, we were left with clean, soft, smooth skin. It did not deep cleanse as well as I thought which was a bummer but it did leave it fresh and smooth
Would I buy it? Yes, it is reasonably priced and mostly worked well and leaves the skin soft and clean. 
Recommend? Yes, if you have oily/combination skin the charcoal mask works really well. And if you like to try new masks then this one* is for you.

Bioré Charcoal Micellar Water

Within the package came a sample size of the micellar water Bioré has and it's so cute and tiny! The water is to be used as a face cleanser or as a makeup remover, focused on cleansing oily faces with the charcoal.
A couple of months ago I had received a sample size of the same product and so I knew how it worked and it's results. It really does clean one's face and it removes mostly all makeup, leaving the skin fresh and tingly without having to rub hard.
The one thing I did not enjoy was the smell. I found that it smelled too much like rubbing alcohol. But overall I really enjoyed the micellar water as it even removed (mostly) all of my liquid lipstick which is a big problem for me.
I do recommend it as it is not that expensive and works for oily faces.

On Amazon*

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Clarins Hydra Essential Moisturizing Gel

I received a sample size of the product, and I have to say that it wasn't truly that much product. The overall idea of the product is to moisturize and hydrate skin that is dry due to winter temperatures.
I like how this product felt it was really cooling and did not feel heavy on the skin, which is always a concern. My only problem with the gel was that I found it quite sticky but after a while, it did dry well and was comfortable. It did hydrate my skin and left it soft and not dry.
Would I buy it? Maybe if the price were lower and the product less sticky. 
Do I recommend it? If you have dry skin due to the cold winter days and are in need of hydration, then yes this is could work for you.

Want to try it? By it on Amazon*

Revlon Volumizing Mascara

I would have to say that besides the self-heating mask this one was also a favourite.
This mascara lengthens and somewhat curls the lashes making them look so, so good, and giving me lots of confidence. For a daily look, I just used one coat and it did an impressive job. I loved how black the formula was and how it didn't smudge. 
My only issue was the mascara wand. It is very straight, bulky and much like a pipe cleaner. I noticed that due to that shape it was hard to coat my inner and outer lashes. So if the wand was curvier, but not to curvy, I would give it five out of five stars, I feel like it's right there next to Lots of Lashes mascara by Maybelline, a classic must-have.
I would definitely buy it, and so I recommend it for it is a good product, the price is great and your lashes will look fantastic.
Buy it at Ulta* for only $8.99!

*Affiliate linked below

Overall I totally enjoyed this voxbox. It did help me "glow" in these cold, hard times as lately it's been close to -30℃!
I found that the Biore products were focused mostly on oily skin but it could work for other types too as my mom has dry/combination skin. I also loved how the products are perfect for students with a budget, as one doesn't have to compromise quality for the price.
Anywho, that was my review on all of the products I received, if you have any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to comment.

Have you tried any of the products? What did you think? Do you have a favourite product that you would recommend?

Til next time
Loren Camila


  1. MINUS 30?! That's insane! I've never tried any of these products but it looks like a great box and I like the message they're getting across about glowing in the darker, colder months!


    1. It has been freezing lately and going outside is a nightmare and so I loved how the products do help in some aspects.

  2. This sounds like a really interesting service! I've never tried Biore before but I've heard great things and I've been meaning to try some charcoal products for a while so I'll be on the lookout for those!

    Bronia | www.broniajane.co.uk

    1. Biore has products for all types of skin and their charcoal products work really well.
      Hope you can find some!

  3. These products look really interesting, I’d love to try the face mask and it always looking for new mascaras! x

    1. I'd definitely recommend both, especially if you've never had a self-heating mask it is a fun experience.
      Thanks for the comment Lorna!

  4. It is cool that you got your first Influenster box! It is great that you got a good amount of things. I like the idea of being able to try out different things for a review. Clarins makes great products! Oooh, glad that these products helps with the cold overall! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nancy! I love trying things out before buying it, and being able to share my reviews.

  5. Omg... minus 30? Here I was complaining about a little snow at minus 4 yesterday! Seems to me that If anyone deserved to review these products it’s you!

    Patty x | https://www.pattycular.com

    1. Yeah, its been a bit... cold. Thanks for your comment Patty!

  6. OMG the Biore Charcoal Micellar water sounds like a neat product I'd want to try!! I really enjoyed their cleanser for this line so I'm sure this product would be great.


    1. Besides the smell it is a great product, and works really well.

  7. I love face masks so the Bioré Self Heating One-Minute Face Masks really appeal to me. I definitely think I would love the self heating but I'm also afraid it would burn my skin. I have decently sensitive skin so I would probably try out a tiny section first because I've heard of horror stories with stuff that heats! I'm glad you enjoyed it because I will definitely try it out!

    💗 Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

    1. It is not that bad, it is surprising at first but it doesn't feel as it could burn, but for sure trying out a small section before is a great precaution.
      Now I'm a bit nervous about trying out heating stuff. Hope you enjoy it, Alexx!

  8. Absolutely love Biore! Their nose pore strips are the best! Great post, lovely! x

  9. I have always seen Biore products now am sure I want to try them out. Great reviews.

  10. Congrats on getting this opportunity! TheCharcoal Micellar Water sounds and looks fab although I wouldn't like the strong smell I don't think! x

    1. Thanks, Sharnah! Yeah the micellar water does have an distinct smell and it can be strong at times. Thanks for commneting!

  11. I love Influenster! I haven't gotten a box in a while, but I have gotten some great products in the past. It seems like you got a box full of great products! I'm gonna have to check out that mascara! Thanks for sharing! :)


    1. I like Influenster even thought it isn't so big for Canada. Thanks for reading and commenting, Melissa!

  12. You got some great goodies in your box!! I actually really love that mascara that you got and use it on a daily basis. The Biore charcoal products are also items I have in my bathroom that I really want to test out as well.


    1. The mascara is great, isn't it?
      Thanks for commenting, Atsuna!

  13. I also use Influenster and it takes a while to receive a voxbox. This looked like a really good box and I'm a sucker for new face masks, so I must try this one out!

    1. It does take a while to be accepted into a mission, but once you do its worth it (well most of the time)
      Thanks for commenting!

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