Barbie Expo | Montreal

Friday, March 29, 2019

As a child, I was obsessed with Barbies. 

I had sets, outfits, and all types of Barbies. Zoologist, teacher,  model and so much more. I loved how Barbie could be anything she wanted and so she inspired me. As I grew up I put my dolls away but I would always reminisce about the styles she wore and how I wished I could have a fancy Barbie.

I remember going online and seeing some collector's Barbies that cost hundreds of dollars and that were so, so beautiful and wishing to see them face to face. And I finally did it!

Visiting the Barbie Expo in Downtown Montreal by Plaid and Sugar

Ruby Rose | Statement Made Jewelry

Monday, March 18, 2019

Hi everyone!
Today I'll be doing a small review on a cute necklace and the company that gifted it to me, but before I begin I want to say that it's almost spring! I am so ready for it. 
This winter was so snowy and icy and honestly, it is time for it to all go away for six months. Spring also means that my first year of university is coming to an end! This semester has gone by so fast and I can't believe that soon I'll be writing my final essays and exams *ugh* So. Much. Stress. 

One of the things that has taken my mind away from school and the onslaught of upcoming work has been this beautiful necklace that I received.  It is so easy to wear and I love how it has my birthstone, making it much more special.

*Though I received this piece for complimentary purposes it does not affect in any way my honest review. I do use affiliates links that come at no extra cost to you but helps me upkeep this blog.

Statement Made Jewellery

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Statement Made Jewelry after I contacted them through Twitter when they posted that they were looking for bloggers. Statement Made Jewellery is an online company based on the U.K that makes the cutest, most delicate, personalized jewellery. They are focused on personalized jewellery that will express who the wearer is.

Paperless Post | Review

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spring break is now over and I'm already halfway through the semester! I cannot believe how fast this semester had already gone and that I'm now choosing my courses for next year. Life is going fast and I have three birthdays coming up in the family, which means getting everything ready for the multiple parties.
Which leads me to the purpose of this post → 
Have you ever tried sending an e-card or invitation only to realize how simple and impersonal they look? Or how hard it is to actually email them? 
Well, look no further because Paperless Post is here to help!
Plaid and Sugar