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Thursday, March 7, 2019
Spring break is now over and I'm already halfway through the semester! I cannot believe how fast this semester had already gone and that I'm now choosing my courses for next year. Life is going fast and I have three birthdays coming up in the family, which means getting everything ready for the multiple parties.
Which leads me to the purpose of this post → 
Have you ever tried sending an e-card or invitation only to realize how simple and impersonal they look? Or how hard it is to actually email them? 
Well, look no further because Paperless Post is here to help!

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Paperless Post which is a company that is focused on online invitations, cards, posters and more.
*Though I received some non-monetary compensation all thoughts and comments are my own. Thanks for collaborating with me Paperless Post!*

Paperless Post is an online company that has a huge selection of invitations, flyers and so much more. Every piece of stationery can be customized and it comes at a cheaper (ie better!) price than if one were to physically send out cards or invitations.


I was so surprised to find that they have all types of invitations for all ages and sizes. Some were simple and eye-catching, others extravagant and cute, and can be customized to anyone's taste.
You can change the background, the lining of the envelope, the envelope itself and most of the card really.
It is fairly easy to use, and one has a huge selection to chose from.  One of the brands they have is Rifle Paper Co. which is a company that sells lovely fabric, notebooks and more and I was so excited to be able to use their card templates. I love how all of the Rifle Paper Co. cards are flowery and colourful that it always reminds me of springtime.

Since my brother's birthday is coming up I decided to make an invitation for his 16th birthday since it's coming up late this month. It was really easy to customize and I loved the simplicity of the site as I could see what was happening right in front of my eyes.

Since I turn twenty this year I decided to also do an invitation for my future b-day. Like I said before I was so ecstatic to use Rifle Paper Co. cards and it turned out great.

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The interesting thing about Paperless Post is that they use 'coins'. The coins are kind of like an in-store currency and with them, you can 'pay' to customize your card with more expensive options and to send out the cards.
The price of the coins can vary between $0.09-0.50 each depending on the bundle of coins you buy which is $5-90.
Some cards are free, or 1-2 coins, as you customize your card the coin amount will either go up or down, but some are totally free! The average price of a card I found to be between 0-5 coins depending all on your selection.  Compared to customized paper invitations this is so much cheaper and easier.

What do I Think?

I think it's a great way to send cards, invitations and flyers will little to no hassle and for a great price.
I loved that once the email is opened it looks like a card with the envelope opening and redirecting you to the card and to RSVP. Open, click, attend. It is that easy. 
The only thing that I would be careful about would be watching the number of coins per card per recipient. If a person does have a limited budget sticking to 3 coins max per person is perfect as one can still get cute cards without having to compromise price.
They offer Christmas cards, which is perfect for keeping in touch with people far away without having to worry about addresses and if they'll arrive in time.

Another interesting thing is that they have wedding invitations. I never thought that there are people who would send their invitations online, very unorthodox but not unwelcome. If you think about it, it saves money, time and is accident preventable (lost mail, no RSVP etc) which is perfect for an unconventional couple, but not for me.
There is a flyer option that is free and can be linked to Facebook and other media so I'll soon be checking that one out and making my own event.

Well, this is my review for Paperless Post. I hope you enjoyed it and that it intrigued you into trying it out. You can check it out right here.

What did you think? Would you try out online cards, invitations, flyers?

Til next time 
Loren Cami


  1. you are really creative. I like the design, it looks unique.
    Would you like to follow each other? If the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & I'll follow you back.

    1. Thanks Okcheori. It was very easy and fun to do!

  2. Ah this is interesting! I have never tried online cards. I mostly like making cards with paper, but I might try this out.

    1. I too love paper cards, but this is great for long distance people or just for fun

  3. All looks amazing, thanks so much for sharing this with us.
    -XOXO, BEA.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Sempiterna! Thanks for your respone

  4. This sounds really interesting. I think it would be great for some things, like huge events or parties as it's economical. But I do think there's something nice about receiving an actual invite for something like a wedding x


    1. Perfect for huge events as one doesn't have to worry about mailing addresses. I, too love getting physical invitations for weddings.
      Thanks for your response, Sophie!

  5. That is really different but looks amazing! The designs are beautiful too x

    Natasha / <3 x

    1. It is a different, unorthodox take on invitations, and they are so different, too!


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