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Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy (Belated) Easter!
I hope you had a great 3- (maybe 4)day holiday and that you were able to spend lot's of time with friends and family while enjoying a lot of food. The last couple of weeks I've been MIA because of finals but I had this post planned for the last couple of weeks but I had not gone around to take the pictures or actually write it down. So here it is.

I love sewing. I may not do it as often I should, especially when finals are around, but nevertheless, I love it so. Another thing I love is thrift stores. Besides going to the library, I like going to thrift stores to relax. Last month, I happened to go to two different thrifts stores and I was surprised to find fabric and patterns, which I immediately bought!

There's a cute little thrift store in my neighborhood that I've never gone to before. My parents went there once and said it was cheap and that it had a nice selection of goods. So I decide to go there one day and found out how cheap it really was and what they offered. There I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a really good selection of fabric and books *yay*. I ended up buying some fabric, notions and an interesting party decoration.

If you followed my summer adventures from last year, you know that I spent quite a bit chunk of my time (and money) in thrift stores looking for fabric and other fun stuff. I've found so many treasures for such great prices, including a reversible skirt from the early 70s for $8 that sells on Etsy & Ebay for $60+ as it is a vintage rarity. Thrift stores are a great response to fast fashion.


In my local neighborhood store, I didn't find any patterns but when I went to Rennaissance I found a package of 8 vintage patterns for $2! 
Lately, Rennaissance (or Goodwill in the rest of Canada) has been receiving lots of great patterns from the last 40 years. Last year it was near to impossible to find a pattern worth buying. There were a couple of packages filled with patterns, but some of them the sizes were too big/small or way out date and no one's style.
In the package I chose I received:
  • Burda 9888- a peasant-like dress with layers with gathered sleeves, 1970s-80s?
  • Butterick 5116- leisure, relaxed 6-piece set that includes, skirt pant and jacket from 1990
  • Simplicity 3580- a really cute 1960s shirtwaist dress with gathered sleeves.
  • Simplicity 6187- girl's shirt jacket and pants 1973
  • Simplicity 7545- halter top with peplum addition  and wrap skirt from 1976
  • Style 2034- jumper dress from the 1977 (teen size), it seems so cute and making it in corduroy and layering it with a sweater underneath.
  • See & Sew 4186- loose fitting shirt and pants perfect for leisure or relaxation from 1989. Not my favorite pattern but the pants do have a nice relaxed fit that I like.
  • See & Sew 4603- very loose fitting peplum top with shoulder pads and a pencil skirt from 1990
Honestly not a big fan of these but since they came in the package so no option

Girls suit simplicity 6187, halter top and skirt simplicty 7545, shirtwaist dress simplicity 3580

Overall I think that it was a great package. Most of the patterns are new, uncut and most fit my style. I'm glad that 5 out of 8 patterns are from the 1960s and 70s, considering that I wasn't fully sure what I was getting. My favorite patterns were the halter top/wrap skirt, the gathered peasant dress, and the 1960s dress
My vintage fabric stash is growing and I'm so excited! I hope one day to find a pattern from the 1930s or even further back in time.

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I'm in a Facebook sewing group and there was a lady that was getting rid of a huge pile of patterns that she had gotten from when she worked in a fabric store (my ultimate dream). I got 5 patterns from her, and only paid only the shipping which was a really good deal. 
Butterick 4914, New Look 6068
The patterns I received are modern (last 10~ years) and are multiple sizes, unlike the vintage patterns. They are some cute patterns and there are others that are not but with the right modifications could become modernish.
  • Butterick B4914- comes with two styles of dresses. I brought this one specifically for my mother.
  • McCall's 7583- the oldest one I got (from the 1990s) it comes with two styles of dresses and a teddy to wear underneath. Those types of dresses are in style right now and if lengthen it'd be perfect. This is the favorite pattern from the set.
  • New Look 6068- top pattern with 5 variations. This is the perfect base pattern that can be used to make other types of tops or even dresses.
  • New Look 6594- It is so hard to find a skirt that is the perfect length and not too tight, but thankfully this pattern comes with 8 skirt styles and can be easily modified for a less poofy fit. It also has a style with 'bubble' hem which was common in 2008.
  • Simplicity 3882- dresses and tops, with some modifications it could be modernized. I mainly got it because of the simple design of the dress and top, but I really, really don't like the 'bubble' hem.
New Look and Simplicity 3882
Hate 'bubble' hems! But with modifications is could look so much better

two dresses and a teddy, Plaid and Sugar
My favorite pattern from the package I bought from FB


Along with sewing patterns, I have gained some fabric in the last couple of months. Specifically, two!
The first one I got in my neighborhood thrift store, for $2. It is a rayon/challis type fabric with a really nice pattern and there is enough for a skirt or a long top.
The second one, I got it at the same time as the package of vintage patterns, for also $2. It is a faux (I hope) suede fabric about 1.5 meters and is wide enough for a cute button-up skirt. This was a great buy because it usually costs about 8-10 dollars/meter. *I know noticed that the suede looks different in both pictures and that there is a plate in the picture above. oops!

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That is all. Unfortunately, due to exams, I was not able to write many posts for this month. I finally (well almost) finished all my finals so now I have the time to write more posts. One of my issues is that I don't write posts ahead of schedule. So I'm hoping to learn how to write in advance so it causes less of a headache when life turns busy.
Those were the vintage (and some modern) patterns I bought last month and some fabrics that I had to buy because they were at such a good price. I just hope that one day I'll be able to actually sew them.

So what did you think? Do you go to thrift stores? If so, what was your favorite find?

Hasta la proxima,
Loren Camila


  1. These are really cool and I lie vintage prints

    1. Thanks, Melody! Vintage patterns are so interesting because of the styles

  2. Hi Loren! Beautiful choices.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I love how colourful the fabric is!

  4. All those patterns look so COOL! I love vintage fashion! I do love to go to thrift stores! Onces in a while I find some cool stuff, it helps to know what you want before you go :). A cool find from a thrift store I found was a hoop skirt.It is fun to wear under my prairie dress. ;)

    1. A hoop skirt?! That's so cool and a perfect thrift store find.
      Thanks for the comment, Rakayle!

  5. These patterns look wonderful! I would love to be able to sew - you must be very talented! I would love to have the patience to find really good finds in thrift stores but I tend not to go to them!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Sewing vintage patterns are not as hard or complex at times but the body shapes are so different and requires lots of adjustment. You never know what you'll find in a thrift store!

  6. You got some great deals here. I haven't done any sewing in a really long time but I used to really like vintage patterns and adapting them x


    1. Thanks, Sophie! I didn't know you sewed too, that's great to know.

  7. I love that you have a collection of patterns! Oh wow, for that price, you got such a great deal. I like that you got patterns from different styling eras. Hope you'll make some awesome creations with the patterns and fabric!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Aww thanks, Nancy! Using vintage patterns are both fun and at times hard, since the shapes of women have changed over time (slim/extremely curvy).


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