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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Curls for days. It is not a phrase I often say but lately, I've noticed that my curls now look better and curlier even on day three or four. 

As a curly hair girl, I've always had a hard time trying to get my hair to look like how it is supposed to. Most often then not my hair would end up really oily because of the leave-in products and limp. But this time things have been different. 

Lately, I've been using Garnier's new Curl Treat product and have noticed quite a difference in my life. What is my current secret to having curly, soft hair? Garnier's new leave-in conditioner! 

For a long while (years really), after washing my hair I would just brush it out and that would be it. No hair gel, no conditioner, no hairspray, nothing! Although my hair was soft, the curls were really dry at the ends and my hair would often look really frizzy by day two. Sometimes I would try hair gel to define my curls but I didn't like how they felt frozen/hard afterward and so I quit doing that.

About 4 months ago my mom bought this new hair cream and I decided to try it out and wow! Like always, I was hesitant on trying something new on my hair (I've had bad experiences) but at the same time, I wanted to see how it would work. My hair looked healthier and so much better than before, it is so worth the 5 extra minutes. A week after trying out that product,  I received an email saying I had been chosen to try a hair cream from that same collection from Topbox in exchange for an honest review.

*Although the Smoothie Defining cream was given to me for free it does not affect my opinions or review of this product.
*This post contains affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click on it an make a purchase.  

Garnier Curl Treat Leave-In Styler

In the past, I've tried many of Garnier's curl products and I have to say that that I prefer this collection better than the other ones. The product itself is great and I love how it doesn't come in a squeeze (?) bottle, meaning that it is easier to use and there is no waste. I hated having to squeeze the bottle for more product with oily hands, so this is so much easier.

Curls more defined and less frizzy

One of my issues with creams or leave-in conditioners is that it leaves my hair feeling heavy and limp from all the weight. So what I do is I take a bit of product into my hand, let my hands run under the water until they're wet (make sure the product doesn't go down the drain) and then rub my hands together so the product is more water than solid. Then I apply it to my hair.

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This technique prevents having that solid, heavy feeling in my hair it fluffs much easier. Hope that makes sense!
When I used hair gel I'd do the same thing, so that it was easier to apply and lighter on my hair. But on with this Garnier hair cream, my hair is left much more hydrated and shinier.

Butter Hydrating

Usually, I deal with dry, limp hair on day two or three and this cream prevents that from happening. This was the first product I used from this collection and loved that it left my hair much more hydrated.
The product is much thicker and heavier than the Smoothie one but when I use my water technique it works out fine. It definitely does leave my hair much more hydrated and looking healthy. If you deal with dry, limp curly hair I recommend this one.

You can buy it here on Amazon* or at Walmart*

Smoothie Defining *

This one does exactly what it says it does. It leaves my hair smoother and my curls are left much define, like the Butter one it does make my hair less dry.

The only downside to it is that on day three/four my hair becomes limp and very oily which is the reason I don't like to use leave-in conditioner. I do try the technique I shared above which does help but by day three my hair has become a bit heavy but then again it depends on the person. My mom has no trouble with the product and really enjoys and maybe other people don't face the problem that I do. At the end of the day, I do like this one better as it does leave my hair smoother and silkier.

If you want a product that leaves your hair smoother, silkier and curls defined then this one is for you.

Can be bought on Amazon * or at Walmart*

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed how these products made my hair feel much healthier, smoother and hydrated. The only downside is that it can feel heavy and oily and the only way to combat that is by mixing it with water which helps to a point. My hair has looked better and much healthier as it does not feel dry and my curls are so much more defined than without it. Another thing I love about these creams is that they smell so, so good! Afterward, my hair still had the scent which I loved!

I have used Garnier before and I have to say that these are one of my favorite products of theirs.
Do I recommend it? Yes. It is reasonably priced and works well on different types of curls (my mom's hair is less curly). Each specializes in one area but all work wonders on curls. 

*Again, I received the Smoothie Curl Treat cream from Topbox for free in exchange for an honest review but that does not affect my thoughts or opinions. And the afiliate links come at no extra cost to you.

If you have any thoughts, comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact me or write a comment down below.

Do you have curly hair? What are some products you have tried that worked wonders? 

Til next time,
Loren Camila

A hair product review for girsl with curly hair by Plaid and Sugar


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! While I don't have curly hair myself this sounds like a great product to use for those who do! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! We went to a birthday party in the park which was a lot of fun :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks Mica! Its great to hear that you had an awesome time!

  2. I don't have curly hair, it's strait. :) You have such lovely hair. It sounds like a great product!

    1. Thank you, Rakayle for the compliment! It really is a great product and my hair loves it!

  3. Oh wow! Your hair! It looks so lush and flowing and alive.

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