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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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It has been snowing on and off for the last couple of days, which (to me) means: Christmas time! For some of you, it may seem a bit early but this time of the year is my favorite. As soon as November hits, I'm planning and baking for the holidays.
Christmas is a time of love, family and the unexpected holiday magic. So today I bring you a book that has all three and will put you in the Christmas spirit.

I know it's been over a year since I last did a book review but this book is so heartwarming and sweet that I just had to share it with you. 

The White Christmas Inn 

By Colleen Wright

This novel is a two-days read and it will capture your attention as soon as you start. The story begins with a couple who own an old, picturesque inn in New England, USA and are having financial troubles as more and more people are going to the water-park hotel a couple of kilometers away instead of staying at the cozy inn. 

But little did they know that this Christmas they a miracle would happen when unexpected guests would show up on a cold and snowy night. Besides the inn owners, the characters are Molly who is an author with writer's block, Hannah whose fiance called off the wedding (at the inn) two days before, her childhood crush Luke who helps in the inn, Marcus who was on his way to the water-park hotel but the roads got closed and an Ebenezer-like man who is not what he seems.

Due to the snowstorm, they are all stuck in the inn for a couple of days and troubles start to arise buy with some magic this Christmas will be unforgettable.
I loved the plotline, the characters and everything about the book. Although it is not a long novel it does expand on the characters enough so they do not fall flat, but I do wish it was a bit meatier in some of the subplots. I also loved the cover. I know that you 'should not judge a book by its cover', but the cover was just so perfect with the wreath and red door that it was practically beckoning me to open!

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There was not a moment where I felt like putting the book down because it was boring, bland or bad, I felt so captivated by the author's writing that I finished the whole book in less than a day! The author was very descriptive and I felt transported to the cozy 100-year-old inn on a cold winter day.  When I think of the inn, I think of a house decorated like a Hallmark movie, with decorations and lights everywhere! 

If you want a novel that is heartwarming, cozy, and holiday-themed then I recommend The White Christmas Inn (a lot!).
It can be found on Indigo * (for my fellow Canadians) or at Amazon *

Do you like to read seasonal novels? Is there a must-read holiday novel you recommend? 

Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Happy November!
Loren Camila


  1. This is such a beautiful Christmas book, I'd like to grab one and sit down with it. The cover looks like a greeting card.

    1. It really does looks like a greeting card! Hope you have the chance to read it!

  2. Sounds like a lovely and very Christmassy novel. I'm so ready to get into the Christmas spirit, even though where I live the weather is only getting hotter and hotter the closer we get to December 25th!


    1. It is a really cute & Christmassy book filled with snow, I can not imagine the weather being super warm in Christmas!

  3. Definitely love your blog, so inspiring.I am Following now!

  4. Amazing book, It seems interesting novel and I will try to read it in the next couple days, thank you for sharing it.

  5. I never used to like Christmas books but I'm warming to them now... Especially if they're super cosy like this one sounds!

    1. cozy and Christmas definitely go hand in hand! Hope you have an opportunity to read it, Hannah.

  6. Replies
    1. Hope you have the opportunity, you'll enjoy it!

  7. I need to read more Christmas stories.


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