Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree Sign | Easy + Festive DIY

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Christmas is night, well a month or so away, and if you're looking for a fun, cute, and easy craft then look no further!

Today I will be sharing with you how you can make this yarn tassel Christmas tree sign that will look good on your walls and is super affordable to make (under $10!)

A couple of months ago, back in July, I saw this super cute and minimalist Christmas wall decor on Etsy and I absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it sold for $90 which is way (and I mean way) out of my budget and was also very bland in the sense that it didn't feel festive or Christmassy, so I put it out of my mind.

In late September I saw that Dollarama (my local dollar store) was selling wooden painting frames in various sizes for under $4 and I thought to myself: why not buy one and maybe a DIY will come to you? 

For a while I couldn't think of anything to do with it, until early October when while browsing on Pinterest an Etsy ad showed up and what was it selling? The tasseled tree sign! It was then that inspiration struck and decided to make myself my own sign for under $10.

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Which I did (hence this post), to be honest, I was so surprised by how simple, easy, and cheap this craft was and so here it is!

Easy and Fun Christmas Craft by Plaid and Sugar Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree Sign

Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree Sign | Simple DIY

As you can tell, I did make some small changes from the original sign. Mainly I used green yarn instead of white for two reasons a) my Christmas decor/theme this year is the classic style (red, white, and dashes of black/brown) with lots of greenery and b) the white made it look sad and washed out, so the green makes it much more festive & bright.

It also it's perfect for decorating your bedroom, living room, or any other place that needs some holiday cheer!

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This activity doesn't take that long, maybe an hour tops as the tassels can be made while the painting on the frame dries. 


  • one blank wooden frame sign 
  • yarn in the color of your choice
  • white and brown paint (for the background and frame)
  • paintbrushes (foam* or otherwise)
  • glue gun*
  • optional: tassel/pom pom maker*

Easy Christmas DIY by Plaid and Sugar

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The first thing to do is paint the background and sides white, then take the brown and paint the front of the frame (the raised part).
  • If desired you can add a second coat so the wood cannot be seen through.

Set the frame aside to dry, and now we'll focus on the tassels! 
  • Just to note this may or may not make sense, but hopefully, the pictures can make it clearer. Also with the method I'm using the length of the tassel is about 2 inches long
  1. The way I did it (without a pom/tassel maker) is that I cut a 4inch piece of yarn and laid it on my pointer finger. 

  2. Then I wrapped the yarn around the fingers of my left hand 30-40 times and cut the yarn from the skein. The short piece should be in the middle essentially. 
  3. That the ends of the short piece and tie them together tightly so the yarn bundle is in the middle, you might need to take it off your hands to do so. Can cut the long ends off. 

  4. Take a 4-5 inch long piece of yarn and wrap it around the bundle twice to make the "head" or top part. Make a tight knot.

  5. Slip the scissors through the bottom loops of the bundle and cut them in half. 
  6. To finish off, trim the ends of the tassel and for the head-piece of yarn, you can cut it so it's the same length as the tassel. 
  7. Now you have a tassel! Depending on the length of your frame you might need between 6 and 10.
  8. If you have questions I recommend checking out this tassel making tutorial by Instructables here.

After making the tassels, play around and place them on the sign to see the spacing and see how it looks but leaving a two-inch gap from the bottom of the frame (this is where the "trunk" will be). 

With the glue gun, glue the back of the tassel to the sign pressing for about 3-5 seconds. Repeat with all of them.

Finally, right in the bottom paint a tree trunk with the brown paint, making sure not to accidentally paint the tassels. Mine was a 1x1 inch square.
  • Note: This can also be done prior to gluing on the tassels. 
Now lastly stand back and admire your festive Christmas tree sign!

All of the material I used for this project came from Dollarama, including the yarn, and it all came out to about $9.50! So if you're short on budget this year, I definitely recommend you trying this DIY.

The great part about this activity is that you can choose whatever colors you want to make it more uniquely yours and fit your Christmas home decor style. You can try changing the thickness and color of the yarn or even the color of the frame/background, or even try different sign sizes. So many endless options!

As you can see above, I placed it on my desk to decorate my little office/desk space and make it more festive.

If you do make your own Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree Sign (quite a mouthful) please tag me in your posts on Instagram or Twitter, I always love when people use my DIYs.

Note: if you have a frame/sign like mine you probably noticed that the back can also be painted and surprise surprise I have an upcoming post on how to make a Christmas wall sign on the back. That way you can get two uses out of the frame (one side has the tassel Christmas tree and the other a festive saying). 

So keep your eye peeled out for that post!

Question (s)of the day:

When do you put up your Christmas decorations and tree? Also, do you love making Christmas DIYs?

Til next week,

Loren Camila


  1. Oooo loren this is so beyond cute!xx

    Mia // beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

  2. This is such a cute idea. Great DIY for Christmas time.


    1. Thank you, Nina! It is a super easy and festive Christmas DIY!

  3. This is so adorable. I love this idea.
    I'm putting my christamas tree on Dec. 1


    1. Thank you, Radi. Dec 1st is a great time to put it up!

  4. I love things like this because the maker can take the general idea and experiment/make it to suit their eye! Crafting allows us to make the things we love within our budget too, which is a big plus.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. So true, Jaya! Crafting is such a great way to get what we want, how we want it and still be within out budget. Thank you so much for coming by!


  5. I loved it, it was beautiful to put with other Christmas ornaments. I already want to make one. I loved the tip. xoxo https://beperes.blogspot.com/

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