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Thursday, February 11, 2021
easy and simple Valentine's day DIY, cold and hot packs perfect activity for children.
February 14 is drawing close and since I love DIYing, why not share an easy Valentine's Day themed activity? These hot/cold packs are super simple to make and they also make the perfect gifts for loved ones, plus they are a lifesaver when dealing with small pains or bruises.

The great thing about these hot/cold packs is that you can make them into any shape or form in less than 30 minutes and only require scrap fabric and rice. Plus they are environmentally and environmentally friendly and can be made in any shape or form!

With the semester well on its way, I've been dealing with a sore neck and sometimes writer's cramp, and using these hot and cold packs have helped immensely. 

Easy Hot and Cold Pack DIY

As you can see, I made two heart-shaped ones and one long rectangular one that is the perfect length for placing around your neck or arm/leg. Besides the shape what differs between them is that the hearts were filled with rice and the long tartan one with chickpeas as both work amazing at keeping cold or hot. Although to note do not use instant rice, it will not work and if heated it will cook and you definitely do not want that.

Also, flax seeds, dried beans, and any dry legumes are also easy (and cheap) fillers for the hot and cold packs. And because they to be used in the microwave, only natural fibre fabrics are supposed to be used which would include cotton and linen. Otherwise, it may catch on fire, which is something we don't want!

I'll be honest since this was Valentine's Day Craft/DIY, I was going to use only pink, red and purple fabric but to my surprise, when it comes to non-flammable fabrics I don't have many in those colours! That's why one half of my heart duo is fluorescent green, but it still looks just as fun.
All three took less than 30 minutes to make and they honestly came out much better than I expected. The only concern is that when you heat the rice-filled packs it does smell a bit of rice, so one great way to combat this is to add a couple of drops of essential oil. Plus depending on the scent it can make the whole using a heat pack experience much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Heart-Shaped Cold/Hot Packs | easy + quick DIY

materials needed:

  • Large pieces of scrap fabric (at least multiple 5"×5" pieces)
    • To make the long rectangular neck pack, I used a 6 inch by 24-inch piece of scrap wool flannel. Can also be two 6"x12" pieces.
  • 1/2-1 cup of rice (depending on size)
    • or flaxseed, chickpeas, etc.
  • A heart template (or any shape you want).
    • Remember to add a 1/4"  seam allowance.
  • optional
    • funnel
    • 2-3 drops of essential oil 
**important** as the packs will be heated in the microwave only cotton and non-flammable fabric showed be used. Otherwise, it can catch on fire or seriously hurt/burn someone. Also do not use instant rice.


To cut the fabric you can do so in two ways:
    1. Fold the fabric twice and place the straight edge of a 1/2 heart template on the fold and then cut out the shape. This way you will get two pieces that look exactly the same way. 
    2. If you have a full heart template just place it on the fabric and cut around it 
Easy Valentine's day craft DIY | heart shaped cold/heat packs

Take both pieces of the heart (or whichever shape you are making) and pin the edges together. The good/pretty side of the fabric should be on the inside. 

Sew around the edge, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leaving a 1-inch gap on the side for turning inside out later. 

When sewing corners or sharp turns, make sure to go slowly and carefully, and when you get to the corner (eg, the heart dip/middle) bring down the sewing needle, lift the foot and pivot the fabric to make the sharp and precise turn (hopefully it makes sense!)

Sewing the heart shaped cold and hot packs DIY

Now that the heart is sewn, trim the seams if desired and turn the pack inside out so the pretty side of the fabric is facing outwards

Press well.

Now we're going to add that rice (or chicken peas) into the opening on the side of the heart. You can use a funnel for this or a cup/bowl with a beak? So it's easier to the add-in. I like to leave some space so that it is more malleable and not as stiff.

Once you've added in the filling, you can either do a simple whipstitch on the opening or use fabric glue to close the opening.

And you are done.

You now have a heart-shaped heat pack that is ready to use!

To make the long rectangular neck pack:
  • As it is a long piece, fold it in half so it is about 6 inches by 12inches long.
  • Leaving a small hole open, sew the three or four sides together. Trim the corners, turn it inside out, and press.
  • Fill with 1.5-2 cups of rice (or in my case chickpeas) and then sew the opening shut.
  • Done! 
  • optional: before adding the filling but after turning it inside out, I sewed a 3-inch vertical line in the middle of the pack so that when it's filled it is easier to "fold" in half as seen in the picture below.  Afterwards slowly add the filling, making sure that it goes to the other side but that it's not so full that it is hard and unfoldable (is that a word?)

how to use them:


As hot packs:

Place the pack on the rotating turntable of the microwave and microwave it on high for 30 seconds to a minute depending on the size of the pack. Heat in 15-second increments, making sure to move the filling around so no section becomes too hot.

Once it has reached a comfortable temperature, it is ready to use! The heat lasts around 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the pack.

If you don't have a microwave, you can place the heat pack in a pot on medium heat for a couple of minutes until it is the right temperature. Make sure to constantly check the heat, you don't want to burn them! 

As cold packs:

This one super easy, just place it in the freezer, and within 30-60 minutes it is ready to use. I always keep one in the fridge so it is always ready to use! Just take it out of the freezer and enjoy 20-30 minutes of cold relief.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and found it easy to make. 

The great thing about these hot and cold packs is that they are practical/functional and can be made into so many shapes and sizes! If you make, please tag me at @thecamiway either on Instagram or Twitter because I love to see your creations

Have you ever used hot/cold packs? Do you often DIY Valentine's Day gifts?

Til next time and Happy Valentine's Day!

Loren Camila


  1. Very good idea. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you'll visit my blog soon. Have a good week-end!

  2. What a cute idea! I love these type of heat packs and my family uses them daily! Thanks for sharing your DIY!

    1. Thank you, Heat packs are definitely useful! Glad that you enjoyed this post!

  3. I had no idea these packs were (relatively speaking) so simple to make - I love this, and they're not just for Valentine's either, they'd make great gifts at any time of year, thank you!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post, Lisa! Exactly, they make great gifts for self-care packages or any other type.

  4. These are so cute! What a fun little DIY project!


  5. I have a wheatie bag that is rectangular and I use it in the microwave to help with pain and muscle soreness, especially when my fibromyalgia is bad. I didn’t realise it was that easy to make. Thank you for sharing. Lauren www.bournemouthgirl.com

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, Lauren. It definitely does help with muscle soreness, it is certainty a tremendous aid.

  6. These look very tidy and handy to have around. I love that they can be used as both hot and cold packs and I would definitely use rice in these. Chick peas might be too bulky but rice is the perfect size and weight!
    Thanks so much for sharing. <3

  7. These are so cute! And I love that you give step-by-step advice on how to make them. I wish I knew how to sew, and this year may be the one I start! Thank you!

    Julia x


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