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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

One of the goals I set for myself for 2021 was to transform (or makeover) the guest bedroom downstairs. That means changing the wall color, the decor, bedding, etc. but thanks to Photowall I was able to get one part done!

Thanks to Photowall I was able to add beautiful wallpaper to the bland main wall of the room which changed the whole look and atmosphere of the bedroom in a quick and easy manner without having prior wallpapering experience.

After transforming the entryway back in the fall, I realized I had the "fixer-upper" bug and wanted to transform and makeover every single space in my house. And then I realized that the perfect "fixer-upper" would be the bedroom in the basement that looked sad, dark, and oh so unwelcoming.  But unlike the entryway, I knew that this space would be harder and take longer to makeover.

But as I mentioned above, thanks to a collaboration with Photowall I was able to get this part of the room transformation done in just hours with almost no hassle!

* I strive to be honest and transparent with my readers (you) therefore while I received this for free, all opinions and thoughts are fully my own.

transforming the guest room with wallpaper | Photowall Review (with discount code)

Photowall is a wallpaper, poster, and prints company based in Sweden that specializes mainly in unique, colorful, and amazing wallpapers and wall murals. They have hundreds of patterns and colors that can transform a room in about the time it takes to watch Avengers Infinity War. 

Back in January I was contacted by them about future collaboration and, I'll be honest I was surprised and thrilled. Mainly because I consider Plaid and Sugar to be a small blog and never thought I would get noticed by a Swedish wallpaper company; so to have such an opportunity made me feel like I had made it!

Another reason I was also surprised by the email was due to the timing. I had told no one of my plans to do another space/room transformation and so the email came exactly at the time I was thinking about buying paint to start the first phase of the transformation. What are the chances!

After perusing all their wallpapers, imagining how they would look like, and finding one that I loved (Obviously Pink 25A) I said yes to the collaboration and I'm so glad I did. 

The wallpaper is much more stunning and colorful than I expected and it changed the room completely, check out the before pics and full review below.

the before

As you can see from the pictures the room was kinda blah. Not only was it sad, the beige brown paint color gave the room an unwelcoming bleak look that is everything but inviting or relaxing. Plus the bedding and lack of decor didn't help. 

One of my goals was to make this room a peaceful and calm haven for guests, that they would feel welcomed and cherished. I also wanted to brighten up the room since the window is small-ish, but at the same time during the day lots of natural light comes in (especially in winter) so it was important that the decor and wall color would complement (and even highlight) the natural light.   

the process

This was my first time using and gluing wallpaper, so I was hesitant, to say the least, but let me tell you, it was so much easier and quicker than expected. 

After reading the instructions half a dozen times, watching multiple videos (that summarized the instructions) I was ready to glue!

The wallpaper comes in 45 cm wide rolls, so the number of panels will depend on the width of your wall. My wallpaper in 10 numbered rolls that are to be glued in numerical order and with a pack of glue mix and instructions on how to put up wallpaper (that is super simple to follow)

Photowall was kind to send the wallpaper kit which included a smoothing brush, a glue brush, a knife, and a cutting guide among other items that made the whole process go much smoother and easier.

Although putting up wallpaper by oneself is possible, in my case I had never put wallpaper before and was worried about making mistakes or having wrinkles and so I thought it'd be best to have another person aid me. 

So with my mom's help, the wallpaper was fully up and glued to the wall in about two hours. As mentioned prior this was much easier than expected, essentially you add glue to the wall, place and line the wallpaper, trim excess off, and press with hands or brush, and done! 

Transforming a Boring Wall with Wallpaper | Photowall review by Plaid and Sugar

The only issue we encountered was cutting and applying the wallpaper around the window frame but while it was challenging we made it work. It helps that a) it is a recurring pattern and b) no one will be searching through a looking glass for mistakes. 

But other than that it was quite simple to add and line up the panels, and done!

the after

When the last panel was glued and pressed,  I stepped back to get a full look and was honestly shocked and thrilled by the end product.  

The difference between the before and after was huge! The colorful and whimsical floral wallpaper brightened up the room way more than I had expected and transformed it completely. It made me want to wallpaper my bedroom and any other space that needs a pop!

When searching for wallpaper I realized that while a mural would look amazing, part of it could get cut off because of the window and the future headboards so I chose a fun recurring pattern instead that pays homage to the classic wallpaper of days of yore without looking old-fashioned. 

Another thing that surprised me was the quality of the paper. As mentioned before I had never used or glued wallpaper so I had no knowledge about the paper width etc, but the quality of Photowall's wallpaper is amazing.  

The paper is thick, the colors bold and it is easy to clean and wipe the paper without fear that the colors will come right off. The photos don't do justice to the wallpaper, the colors are much brighter and eye-catching in person.

And although it may be a (long) while until we have guests over, I still wanted to transform this room into an inviting space where guests would feel relaxed and at home and I think it now does. 

The room still needs a couple of things (such as a dresser and simple headboards which I'm planning on DIYing) to make my full vision a reality but after the astonishing difference that the wallpaper made I can rest easy for a while. 

Promo Code!!

Photowall was also kind enough to give me a discount code so that all my readers can get 25% off their Photowall purchase (wallpaper, prints, etc). 

So for the next month, use promo/discount code plaidandsugar25 (lowercase) to save some money!

Here some of my favorite designs to get you inspired!

Again, thank you so much to Photowall for collaborating with me and making part one of this transformation possible. I am extremely grateful and thankful for this opportunity. 

Part one of transformation down, two more to go!

Have you ever used wallpaper before? Have you ever transformed a space before?

Til next time

Loren Camila 

How To transform a boring bedroom wall with wallpaper for cheap. Easy to do and looks absolutely gorgeous. Photowall Wallpaper review by Plaid and SUgar


  1. Oh I love your end result! I have used wallpaper before, but I haven’t used it now in quite some time. But your post had now made me rethink this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some inspiration!

  2. That's a wonderful wallpaper! The prints and colors are very pleasing to the eyes!

    1. Thank you, Lovely! I had such a hard time choosing since all the wallpapers are pretty but this one is definitely pleasing to the eye.

  3. I’ve never used wallpaper before, I Love the transformation, Great work!

    1. Thank you! It was much easier than expected and it transformed the room significantly

  4. I love wallpapers from Photowall! They're amazing and I love the design you chose! Absolutely love the transformation xx

    lenne |

    1. Thank you, Lenne! It was so hard to choose just one, but this one had the classic wallpaper look without being overbearing.

  5. I have worked with photo wall before they have some great products. I picked a canvas print. Thank you for sharing your blog post.


    1. Thank you for comming by Lauren. Aren't all their products amazing!

  6. The wallpaper is stunning!! It adds so much colour and brightness to the room, love the results!!

    Courtney x

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I was surprised by the huge difference!

  7. Wonderful result!! The wallpaper is beautiful.
    Have a good week!

  8. Hola Cami! Love the wallpaper.. here where I live we don't use wallpapers it's mostly painting the walls. But I honestly LOVE the one you have and they have so many ones with different patterns. Can't wait to have my own home and start decorating!

    Catarina |

    1. Thank you Catarina! They have so many patterns that it was hard to choose just the one! Having your own home does make decorating so much easier, less worries about permanent changes. But you can also do so much with paint, murals or designs, and it can be easily painted over.

  9. I would recommend my profile is important to me, I invite you to discuss this topic... joyful photos

  10. I love how this looks! I want to put wallpaper in my pantry but I didn't want it to be difficult. This looks a lot easier than I thought.


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