Strawberry Ice Cream | Made Without Maker

Monday, July 12, 2021

Super easy strawberry ice cream recipe by Plaid and Sugar, no churn no machine needed
It is now officially summer...

and since the days are warm and long, I thought you would all enjoy a nice, cold treat.

This no-churn strawberry ice cream is easy to make (6 ingredients!) does not require an ice cream machine, and is mouthwateringly delicious! 

The Dior Exhibit | The McCord Museum

Monday, July 5, 2021

Original Dior Garments at the Exhibit at The McCord Museum post by Plaid and Sugar

After almost a year of waiting, I finally got to see the Dior exhibit at the McCord Museum in Montreal. It was an amazing and phenomenal experience as there were dozens of garments exhibited from daywear to cocktail to evening gowns. 

All were designed by Christian Dior between 1946-1957 and I'll be certainly be going again at least twice before the exhibit ends. 

Keep on reading to all the beautiful, and impressive, dresses and learn about when and how you can see the Dior Exhibit. It also meant that one of my dreams was fulfilled, which was to see original 1940/50s Dior garments in person!!
Plaid and Sugar