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Hello! My name is Loren and I'm a lifestyle college blogger who currently lives in Quebec, Canada. This blog started in 2017 after I moved from Alberta to Quebec, literally across the country, and this blog was a way for me to cope with all the changes. 

Besides blogging, you'll often find me reading a book at the parc or the latest attraction in Montreal with ice cream at hand.

This is moi!
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About Plaid + Sugar

Like mentioned this blog was one of the things that kept me sane, plus I always wanted to have a blog and so it seemed like the perfect time to start one. 

In this blog, you will find a wide range of topics that are close to my heart and I love to write about. I share reviews of products I love that would be beneficial for you! I share my favorite recipes, give advice and do tutorials/DIYs and so much more. My goal is to inspire others in the creative aspects of their lives. 

Plaid and Sugar was originally a sewing blog but over time it became a lifestyle one. The title of the blog is a take from two things I love: sugar (sweets and baking) and plaid (tartan and sewing).

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Instagram @thecamiwa   
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Twitter @thecamiway

*On my social media I use my middle name (Camila) alongside my first name since it's a more common (easier to remember) name, and there is a long story on the name "the Cami way". If you wish to contact me don't hesitate to use Camila instead of Loren, I'll answer to either. Plus, why have a middle name if no one is going to call you by it? Might as well put it to use!

And by email of course:

Loren Gomez

Both my disclosure and Privacy policies are on this page 

I can't wait for you to have a look around my blog, browse through my favorite recipes, reviews, and tips/insights then come and chat with me either on Instagram for more life tips or share locations to visit.

Happy browsing!

St. Lawrence River, between the U.S and Canada

Old Quebec City, more than 350 years old.

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