Summer Holidays | Week 2!

Thursday, July 19, 2018
We're halfway through July!
This past week I actually didn't go out a lot. Between the heat, sewing, and social awkwardness I just decided to spend most of my time at home. But I did do a couple of things (and found Amani!) this week worth mentioning.

I love going to thrift stores. You never know what you're going to find! I especially love finding books and fabrics, my two passions. I love going to Goodwill store because of 1.I don't pay taxes 2. They give jobs to mentally/physically challenged people. 
Last week I went to a Rennaissance which is run by Goodwill Industries. There I went straight to the fabric/linen/craft session and found what I was looking for... fabric! I found this nice cotton linen fabric $4 for 3.80meters! It came with 4 buttons. I also bought a meter of hard denim fabric for $2 and it's super wide.

I saw a roll of fabric with a paper on it and so I picked it up and was astonished at what I saw. For $5.50 2 a piece of Armani Fabric was being sold. It was a wool, striped lightweight fabric. The original price for the amount was $140 per meter! I now wish I had bought it for I could've owned a piece of Armani fashion History. ARMANI!!

 I saw a couple of pieces of apparel like this 80s tartan blazer, which I loved, though my mom didn't and this wedding dress that was pretty... interesting.

After I finished my dungarees (see this post) I didn't know what to do. So with the aforementioned denim fabric, I designed and sewed up a bag. It's actually a crossbody/backpack tote convertible bag. I'll write a post on the finished product. While I had to do hand sewing I watched Galavant and loved it! I can't believe a show like that could be canceled. Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw some work in progress on my stories, like this:

My family and I also went out for a walk and it was gorgeous! This was the sunset and I was awestruck by the beauty made by God.
I hope I didn't overwhelm you. Though I didn't go out I did accomplish more than what I was expecting. 
So what did you do this past week? Any crafting, baking? Anything special this week? Would you like to see more weekly updates like this or should I *dramatic sigh* give up? Please comment your thought down below.
Hope to hear from you soon,


  1. Hi Loren,

    Let me wish you nice summer holidays and that's a fantastic sunset!!!
    I cannot wait for my summer break...

    xo, B.

    1. You're not on a summer break?! I hope that will have a great summer time once you do get your much needed break.

    2. I hope so too... Keeping my fingers crossed for that!


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