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Friday, June 26, 2020

Happy summer everyone! For the last couple of days, it's been 35°C all the time, but thankfully it rained yesterday so that really helped us cool down and feel more alive.

Since going outside was unbearable, one of the things I did was be crafty (I know so hard!) and since Canada Day is a week from now, I thought why not do a Canada Day craft? As it was simple enough make why not make a tutorial of it.

And here it is, a simple and beautiful Canada Day Floral Wreath.

It has been a couple of months since my last DIY tutorial (the quarantine DIY roundup doesn't count) and I have missed doing not sharing any with you on here, but I'm now back with a gorgeous decor craft tutorial that looks beautiful on any wall or door and is also low cost.

Also, it's been almost a year since I went to Ottawa (Canada's capital) for Canada Day and was hoping to go back this year, but quarantine has made that impossible. The good thing is that there is always next year, but for now, I'll settle to celebrating the day at home with my Canada day wreath to keep me company (lol).

This beautiful Canada Day floral wreath will not only put you in a patriotic mood (and let everyone know you love Canada) but also make you shake your head in disbelief at how easy and cheap it was!

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Canada Day Floral Wreath | Simple DIY

Late last year I seen countless floral wreaths on my Pinterest and Instagram feeds, they were so beautiful and unique but they were also around $80 to $120 each! 

With that in mind I set out to make my own (i mean it couldn't be that hard to make a similar one right?), unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the metal rings and eventually forgot about it until late last month. 

While at the dollar store I noticed a metal ring for only $2.50 which renewed my interest in making the wreath and right then and there I bought the flowers and leaves. 
All for under $10.

Yes, ten dollars!!

Making it not only a beautiful home craft but also a really inexpensive project.

I ended up making a pink summery one above and, as it was my first time making one, easier than what I expected. Which gave me the idea of making a floral wreath for Canada Day.

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This Canada Day Floral wreath tutorial is perfect for beginners who have never worked with greenery or flowers before and can be adjusted to fit other national holidays such as Fourth of July (red, white, and blue flowers) or 20 de Julio (yellow, red and blue).

Because Canada is red and white, it can also be adjusted to fit in a red and white Christmas theme! Add some holly or ornaments and bam! Christmas decor, an unexpected two in one project.

Anyhow here is the tutorial!

what you'll need:

• one 10" metal ring* (I found mine at the dollar store for $2.50)

• two large red flowers (with greenery)

• two-three smaller white flower grouping for the contrast (I got three "bunches" of the white flower but only used two)

• two types of leaves (the flowers usually come with their own, so a mix of the two would be perfect)

glue gun* and sticks (lots and lots of glue sticks!)

the how to:

There are two ways to do it. Flowers first, leaves last or flowers last, leaves first. In my first wreath, I did the latter, while in my Canada Day floral wreath I did the former. It does not affect the outcome that much and it may all depend on the leaves and flowers.
leaves first, flowers second 🠇
DIY east floral wreath for under $15,

Before you begin just place the flowers and leaves on top of the ring to get an idea of how you want it to look, maybe even take a picture of it. This will help you have a clearer plan of what you are doing.

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1. First, take apart the leaves from the flowers, do not cut any but just slide them off the main stick/stem. Do likewise with the smaller flowers.

2. As for the big statement flowers, cut the stem about 5 inches from the base of the flower.

Now take the metal stem and twist it around the metal ring until its semi snug and the flower is in the position you want (facing forward, to the side, etc.). Use the glue gun and glue the stem to the ring. (tip: use lots of glue!) Do this to the two both statements flowers.

3. Take the smaller, accent flowers and place them where you want them to be, play around with the setting and then glue, if it has a longer stem twist it around the ring. Do so likewise with all the accent/smaller flowers.

Don't add too many because later in the next step we will be adding the leaves and they can take extra space.

4. Add the leaves. If you use two types of leaves like I did, first place and glue that larger leaves making sure to even them out across the wreath and that they are behind the flowers.

After the larger leaves have been glued on, slowly add a couple of the smaller leaves.  Remember although the flowers are the main centre of attention, the placement of the leaves will make it all look cohesive and draw more attention to the flowers.

As you can see in my Canada Day flower wreath, I used three large (dark green) leaves on the far sides and bottom, and three smaller (green maple) ones.

5. If there are any gaps, take the smaller flowers and leaves and glue them into the bare spots, making sure they look nice (of course).

By this point, your flower wreath should be done, but before you give yourself a pat in the back (I know I would) turn your wreath around (looking at the back) and add another later of glue to places needed or just as an extra security measure. And now you are done!


Congratulations on making a Canada Day flower wreath!

Overall this floral wreath DIY mainly consists of glue and creativity! With so many flower options it is hard to choose how to make it look and what to use to take it to the next level.

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Like I mentioned above, by switching out the colours you could definitely make this floral wreath DIY fit your country's colours and have a cute festive decoration without breaking the bank!
Or if you just want a pretty flower wreath for your home, you can find flowers that fit your colour scheme and follow the tutorial the same.

I hope that you enjoyed this affordable DIY craft and should you do it do not hesitate to let me know, either on Instagram, Twitter or through good old-fashioned email,  I'd love to see your beautiful creations.

Have you made a flower wreath before? What colours would you use?

Happy (early) Canada Day

Loren Camila

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  1. That is very cute! I love the flower colors!!!

  2. I live in the U.S. but this is so so cute! I would definitely make one of these for my door.

    1. Just switch up the colors and you have the perfect wreath for the Fourth of July! Glad you liked it, Isabella.

  3. This is such a cute idea and looks lovely on your door! Wreaths can be SO pricey so making your own is a fab alternative! Plus you can make them for like, any occasion!


    1. Thank you, Jenny. The floral wreaths can be easily customized for any occasion such as birthday parties, Easter, Christmas and so much more!

  4. Wow, this is so cute and easy to make. I am not crafty myself but the wreath seems so easy to make. I will definitely try it. Thank you for sharing.
    Darina from

  5. Super cute and creative! Love it!

  6. Oh what a cute DIY! It's nice everything was so affordable and it looks lovely! :) Maybe I should try something like this, I want a Christmas wreath but can never find one that's just right, this would be a nice subtle thing to try!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :) We were out at the park again today :)

    Away From Blue


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